Click here for North Hero Land Records North Hero Grand List 2018 (Excel is needed to open this file.)

Tax Map Number Location Shown in Map
Index All parcels in North Hero
1 Lakeview Dr. North and Jigger House Pt.
2A Bridge Rd. West & Fee Fee Point
2B US Route 2 South of Bridge Rd. West
3A Lakeview Dr. & North End Rd
3B Lakeview Dr. South of Curtis Lane
3C Holiday Point Rd.
4A US Route 2 South of Lakeview & Blockhouse Pt. Rd.
4B US Route 2 South of Blockhouse Pt. Rd.
4C Blockhouse Pt. Rd. South, Carry Bay Ln., & Canal Ln.
5 US Route 2 West & Lakeview Dr. South as they join with Jerusalem Place
6 Pelots Point North, Cedarvale Ln. North, and Pleasant View Dr.
6A Savage Point North and Green Point Rd.
7A Savage Point Rd. and where it connect with US Route 2
7B Pelots Point South to Station Rd., and portion of US Route 2
7C US Route 2 North of City Bay (The Carrying Place)
8A Butler Island
8B Dameas and Knight Islands
10 South End Rd. West and Old West Shore Ed.
11A West Shore Rd. and US Route 2 as intersected by Sunset View Rd.
11B US Route 2 South, South End Rd. East, and Abnaki Rd.
12 Bow and Arrow Point

To submit a document for recording:
  1. Ensure first page of all documents have a minimum 2" margin at the top for recording notations;
  2. Place all documents in the order to be recorded and include a return address;
  3. Include payment of $15.00 per page to be recorded with checks made out to the Town of North Hero;
  4. Mail documents with fee to North Hero Town Office, PO Box 38, North Hero, VT 05474.

Cyanobacteria Alert
Confirmed locations:

Yellow Alert:
Dunham Bay
Stonegate Lane

Red Alert:
Cedar Ledge

Cyanobacteria Tracker
Red Alert
Yellow Alert
Cyanobacteria Levels
VT Dept. of Health

2019/20 Property Tax Rates

Drawbridge Replacement

Northwest Solid Waste District Transfer Station
362 West Shore Rd.
Information available at or 524-5986
Summer Hours:
Starting May 25th
Saturday 8am to 3pm
Winter Hours:
Saturday 8am to 2pm